Conklin Landscaping Inc.

Landscape Maintenance 

Complete maintenance services for both Commercial and Residential locations are serviced to the highest standard of quality,

no matter how big or small.

LAWN MOWING:  Weekly lawn mowing & trimming services for all types of commercial and residential properties. Blowing off all paved surfaces when done to give you that professional look.

EDGING:  Mechanical edging of concrete paved surfaces and curbs for that crisp lawn curb appeal.

BED MAINTENANCE:  Weeding of beds throughout the season on a scheduled basis. Planting & care of annuals and perennials. Identify & treat plant damage and diseases. Seasonal plantings to ensure your beds look great the year 'round.

TREE & SHRUB CARE:  We know when the best time is for shaping your bushes or raise the canopy on your mature trees. Professional care in removal, replacement and installation of trees & shrubs so no damage comes to the plants or the surrounding landscaping.

SPRING CLEANUP:  Let us do the dirty work! Pick up all the debris from the winter season and take it away! Blow out the beds to prep them for spring flowers. Add landscape fabric, mulch and a pre-emergent to keep the weeds down.  

FALL CLEANUP:  Pick up all the fallen leaves from the lawn. Cut back ornamental grasses & perennials and remove annuals from beds. Aerate your lawn to promote healthy growth in the spring.

FERTILIZATION & WEED CONTROL:  Commercial & residential  applications  to promote healthy, weed free lush lawns. Grub & dandelion control.